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The empowerment of silicon oxide barrier film in food packaging

In modern society, people want to eat deliciously. On the supermarket's sales bar, the traditional packaging and environmental protection are integrated with healthy concepts. Our society and products are advancing rapidly. Food and food consumers need higher quality food. , There is also a need for food packaging to be more efficient and more functional.

The high barrier film on the packaging of meat products/nuts/biscuits, etc., has the following properties that must be possessed:

1. Reliable oxygen/water barrier performance: It protects the contents by blocking the diffusion and penetration of oxygen and water vapor. It is particularly important in many food snacks such as meat products, nuts, biscuits, and fresh locks. Therefore, the high barrier film in the packaging layer is very important to prevent the flavor of the contents from changing and natural loss to maintain the quality of the contents and improve the preservation.

2. Excellent retort resistance: With the popularization of microwave ovens for cooking food, ovens and various new home appliances in the kitchen, food packaging bags are endowed with retort resistance through the function of a high barrier film, which can be maintained at 121°C for 30 minutes, It plays a role in cooking, heating and sterilizing food and other contents. And its unique characteristics and toughness can ensure that it is not easy to burst during the cooking process.

3. Better presentation of content: presentation is divided into two, the first is to ensure high barriers and high transparency at the same time. The second is like a top pastry chef who carefully baked and produced very delicious biscuits. He wants to share his "delicious works" with more and more distant people than only the people around him can taste the deliciousness. people. So how to realize this idea? In the traditional packaging in the past, the realization of this idea was to add some chemical preservatives to maintain the fragrance as much as possible. However, in today's rapid development, our high-barrier film does not require excess chemical residues, and directly transmits the crunchy flavor from thousands of miles away to the taste buds of tasters.

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