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Facial Mask Packaging - WBP-12RT

Updated: Jan 10

It is well known that the most important function of a mask bag is to block water and keep moisture, and the moisture resistance of its packaging materials is very important. Water barrier performance refers to the barrier effect of mask packaging materials on water vapor. It is also an important factor affecting the quality of the mask during the shelf life.

Different from the traditional mask packaging barrier combination: PET//NY//AL//PE, Wanshun WBP-12RT series provides reliable new combination WBP//NY//PE and WBP//PE and other various structures, which are medium and high-end The mask bag provides a high barrier solution, efficient water and oxygen blocking performance and rubbing resistance, which makes it stand out in the competition of multiple composite materials.


Masks are rich in essence solutions with certain formulas. If the water blocking performance of the packaging materials is poor, it will cause the loss of the mask essence during the shelf life. If the oxygen blocking performance of the mask packaging materials is poor, it will cause Liquids are sensitive to oxygen and produce oxidative deterioration and other problems. The WBP high barrier film of Wanshun Technology has a stable barrier rate below 0.5 (partially even below 0.2), which can well solve this problem.

As people's requirements for cosmetic daily chemicals increase, market demand is also rapidly increasing. From ordinary mask bags to the introduction of essence and freeze-dried masks, high-end mask packaging not only shines in the domestic market, but also shines in foreign markets.

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