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WanShun High Barrier Film


Shantou Wanshun New Material Group Co., Ltd.

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Guangdong Wanshun Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the 18 descendant companies of Shantou Wanshun New Material Group Co., Ltd. Shantou Wanshun New Material Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Shantou Free Trade Zone in 1998, with three large production bases and sales network covering the world.



Guangdong Wanshun Technology Co., Ltd., 2015   The project of "high resistance diaphragm and photovoltaic / copper mold" has been started. It has a global advanced processing and production base of functional films and energy-saving glass. It is mostly used in food and drug packaging, new display packaging (quantum dot film packaging), solar cell packaging and other fields. It is determined to research, develop and manufacture new functional film materials, At present, Wanshun technology has introduced the world's advanced imported coating equipment and imported high-specification coating head and other equipment. It has a workshop with 100 grade purification design, matched with MOCON and other high-precision detection instruments. Every process link of products has the most reliable guarantee from raw materials to finished products to quality inspection. It is now located in Wanshun Innovation Industrial Park,In terms of system management, the company has obtained four system certifications of ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety and ISO22000 food safety management, which has laid a foundation for the enterprise to fulfill its corresponding social responsibilities and provided a guarantee for the benign development of the enterprise.

The company adheres to the people-oriented concept, and the enterprise spirit of Wanshun is "integrity, dedication and keeping pace with the times".

The portrait of Wanshun's corporate character. Wanshun people firmly believe in "Heaven rewards diligence, kindness, humanity rewards sincerity and business reputation", adhere to good faith management, win customers with reputation, seek development with reputation, and unswervingly pursue "win-win" with partners.

Dedication is the cornerstone for Wanshun to become bigger and stronger. Dedication is a basic professional ethics, a quality of loyalty to the enterprise and responsibility for yourself, and the primary condition for doing all work well. The basic professional quality that Wanshun people should possess is to love their posts, fulfill their duties and pursue excellence.

Keeping pace with the times is the soul of Wanshun's development. Wanshun must keep pace with the times, continue to promote concept innovation, technology innovation, product innovation and management innovation, continuously enhance its core competitiveness, better create value for shareholders, better repay enterprise employees and better serve social development in order to maintain its vitality / Evergreen Foundation.

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WAN SHUN Group is commited to creating asustainable future by improving our environmental,social and corporate influence.Our contribution includes allocating resources to develop new and innovative products that provide advantages to consumers and brand owners whie making the world a greener place.Our newly launchedPP and PE Transparent barrier films are recyclable when Iaminated to an similar base film making a“Mono-Material”structure,with exceptional shelf life and reducing the overall packaging material content.Our goal is to be a leaderin flexible packaging and help guide the universal recylcing principles in an effort to align the packaging industry to one that offers more sustainable solutions.

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