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WanShun High Barrier Film

SiOx-BOPP high barrier film & SiOx-PE high barrier film 


Breakthrough  Development   In Recyclable High Barrier Film

Reduce waste in Landfill

Easier to Recycle 

Minimal Emissions
in production

Brand Enhancement

WAN SHUN Group  now offers a Mono-Material structure consisting of a Transparent base layer(PP or PE),an inorganic vapor deposition layer and a patented barrier coat layer.Making this is not only a recyclable transparent high barrierfilm but also offering the world’s highest level barrier performance and outstanding properties.


Environmentally friendly, energy-saving and recyclable, Wanshun group now provides a single material structure, including a transparent base layer (polypropylene or polyethylene), inorganic vapor deposition layer and patent barrier layer.This is not only a recyclable transparent high resistance diaphragm, but also provides a high level of barrier performance and excellent performance.

阻水示意图 阴影.png

It has excellent water resistance. At the same time, different models can be used for a variety of applications, such as hot filling, boiling and cooking. Under high temperature and high humidity, the performance of Wanshun high resistance diaphragm is still stable.


Products can involve rich diversity, health and beauty, electronic industry, food and beverage, medical treatment and medicine

Therefore, the high barrier film in the packaging layer prevents the flavor change and natural loss of the content, so as to maintain the quality of the content and improve the preservation

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